Almost overnight there is a new repetitive injury people are dealing with on a daily basis: Texting, emailing tweeting etc. from your phone! Yes I know. Having the ability to do all these things and more is awesome. I’m totally guilty!

One of my new clients is a 15 year old girl with chronic neck pain! Chronic neck pain at 15 is just plain wrong. I asked her how many texts she does a day. She didn’t know the exact number but it was in the 100’s! I then asked her to show me what it looks like when she texts. She pulled out her phone, hunched forward with her head bent down and simulated what it looks like when she texts. BINGO! That posture will create so much strain on all of the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the upper back and neck not to mention the spine and spinal cord. This is serious people. If this girl has a chronic problem now, what the heck is going to happen to her? Well, actually, since she is coming to me for chiropractic care this will probably end well for her but for millions of tweens, teens and adults it usually doesn’t. In addition to the care that she is receiving in my office we also talked about better texting postures like holding the phone up a little higher or dare I say, decrease the amount of texting she is doing!

Who do you know that suffers from Cell-Phone-itis?

Dr. Richard L. Hruby Jr.