We do not have any form of healthcare system regardless of what you may think. We have a sick care system, dedicated to caring and treating sickness. That’s it. Nothing else. Nada. Once you get sucked into the vortex good luck getting out. The title of Jim Morrison’s first biography sums it all up; “No One Here Gets Out Alive”. Pretty depressing no? I have taken care of countless people over the years that have been sucked in only to get stuck on the merry-go-round of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. I will never say that the medical profession has no place. That would be foolish. When my daughter had to have a birth defect corrected, they helped her immensely. Who knows where she would be without their help. In emergency situations and acute care they are the best. What I am saying though is that in terms of HEALTH and WELLNESS, they don’t know SH!T. They have no idea because the medical paradigm doesn’t support anything but sickness. This isn’t their fault. They aren’t bad people. I know they have good intentions. Having said that, they are not part of any solution to any problem other than crisis care. There. I said it. The health and wellness industry should be the leader. This is the bandwagon to jump on. The more people that become even slightly more health conscious, the better. Notice I didn’t say anything about exercise or nutrition or anything else like that. The more people who are conscious of what they are doing to themselves day in and day out would create a huge change. I had a guy tell me the other day that until he hurt his lower back he never gave his body and what he has been doing to it for the last 58 years a thought. He literally said he just wasn’t conscious of it. Needless to say, he is thinking about it now. Why do we wait until there is such an unbelievable crisis before we do anything in terms of health? I can answer that. It’s because all we know is SICK-CARE.

The more people who change their focus to health and wellness, the more of a reality it becomes that we could actually have a healthcare system. Until that time, our politicians will continue to miss the big picture and try and fix a broken system by once again bandaging it up so it stops hemorrhaging for a little while longer. Do I believe people are entitled to insurance? Yes. But stop saying people are entitled to have healthcare coverage. Insurance doesn’t cover HEALTHCARE. It only covers SICK-CARE! Phew! It’s a mess out there. Arm yourself with information. Most of it is FREE! Knowledge is power.

Dr. Richard L. Hruby Jr.