National Employee Health & Fitness Day, is a national observance day created to promote the benefits of physical activity for individuals through their worksite health promotion activities. Employers promote this program by:

  • Leaving a piece of fruit on employees workstation
  • Encouraging employees to hand deliver messages rather than using email or voicemail
  • Providing worksite health screenings
  • Sponsoring a healthy break or lunch
  • Raffling a piece of wearable technology such as a Fitbit

While employees always enjoy free nutritious snacks or a chance at a Fitbit, we believe that the best way to empower people is through information and giving them access to resources. Dr. Hruby’s Lunch and Learn Program believes the three most important components of any healthcare program are education, support and accountability. The quality of your health has a lot to do with your everyday choices. We offer a FREE educational lecture to inform you of these choices. Some topics we cover:

  • Women’s Health. Learn how to improve longevity, covering gender-specific topics like thyroid problems.
  • Headaches. Dr. Hruby is know as a headache specialist, encouraging a medicine-free environment. He decodes and classifies your headaches, showing you home remedies to implement immediately.
  • Stress. Known as the “silent killer” and number one trigger to heart attack.
  • Nutrition/Weight Loss and Eating for Maximum Performance. Learn proper methods of combining appropriate food groups for optimum digestion, maximum energy and, if sensibly applied, resulting in weight loss.

If you’re interested in providing your employees with knowledge, something more powerful than a piece of fruit or a raffle, contact us or give us a call at 414-329-2100.