This post is the conclusion of a series taken from the article by Keith Wassung entitled “Inflammation and the Healing Process”. This series focuses on Inflammation and the Healing process, Drugs & Inflammation, Central Nervous System & Inflammation and Inflammation and the Healing process: Conclusion. This week’s post looks at Inflammation and the Healing process: Conclusion.



Research continues to demonstrate that the inflammation is a normal, natural and beneficial process to the human body. Treating inflammation with chemicals results in the halting of this natural process and often leads to chronic conditions. No wonder that so many health conditions end in the word “itis”.

At all biological levels (molecular, cellular, organ), communication between elements is essential for the proper functioning of system.

This communication process is essential to the homeostasis of the body. The foundation of health begins with a properly functioning nervous system, to the extent that we can equate levels of function and healing capability with the ability of the nervous system to send and receive information.

There is a greater quantity of communication in the human body than all of the combined man-made communication systems in the world and the coordination and precision of neurological and biological communication systems is unparalleled.

The trend in immunological research clearly demonstrates that restoring, balancing, facilitating and maximizing the communication systems of the body is the key to optimal health and immune system function.

There is an alarmingly high number of disabling conditions-chronic diseases, most cancers, syndromes and other instances of poor health where western medicine is helpless. There is no root cause, no definite problem that surgery can eradicate or drugs can cure. A large part of the problem has to do with the theoretical framework that modern medicine has taken on, namely that of ignoring the workings of the body itself.12
-Dr. I. William Lane

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Pressed by patients and advancing technology, health care will soon change its focus from treatment to enhancement, from repair to improvement, from diminishing sickness to increased performance. The transformation has already begun. Accompanying this will be an increased emphasis on psychoneuroimmunology, the science that deals with the brains role in helping the immune system fight disease, which will become a vitally important clinical field—perhaps the most important field of the 21st century.13
-Michael Crichton, M.D.

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