This post is the third in a series taken from the article by Keith Wassung entitled “Restoring the Balance – Chiropractic & the Endocrine System”. This series focuses on Restoring the Balance – Chiropractic & the Endocrine System, Hormonal Imbalances & Health Problems, Traditional Approach to Hormonal Health, The Central Nervous System, Hypothalamus and Hormones, and Conclusion: Causes of Vertebral Subluxations & Chiropractic Care. This week’s post looks at Traditional Approach To Hormonal Health.



The medical approach to endocrine disorders and hormonal imbalances is to use a variety of drugs in an attempt to artificially compensate for a hormone deficiency. In the case of an overactive gland, radiation and surgical procedures are used.

Premarin, from PREgnant MARes, uRINE, is the single most prescribed drug in the United States. An estimated ten million women in the United States use Premarin and that number is expected to increase dramatically as the number of baby boomers reach menopause. Premarin is responsible for sales in excess of one billion dollars annually.


Drugs and related synthetic chemicals may be necessary and appropriate in certain situations, but they do little to correct the cause of the disorder or imbalance since they can do nothing to correct the original cause of the problem, which is often in the system of the control mechanism. Drugs often create an even greater chemical imbalance, which can result in harsh side effects that are much worse than the original condition.

“Too many medical remedies get in the way of the body’s ability to heal itself.”13
-Hormone Replacement Therapy

The General Accounting Office, an investigative branch of Congress, released a report in the 1990’s stating that more than one-half of the new drugs developed and approved by the FDA, had severe or fatal side effects that were not found or not reported until years after the drug had been in widespread use. The GAO reviewed all drugs (198 in all) released from 1985-1990 discovered that 102 of them had side effects serious enough to warrant either withdraw from market or major re-labeling.14

“Millions of post-menopause women are currently being treated with drug therapies whose long term effects are virtually unknown”15
-North American Menopause Society

“The strongest argument for the widespread use of estrogen is that it supposedly delays the development of osteoporosis. The absence of osteoporosis in elderly women in many other counties is never discussed in the professional meetings on osteoporosis that are subsidized by the pharmaceutical companies”16
-Ellen Brown, Menopause and Estrogen

Zytiga medication label

“There is no evidence that estrogen replacement therapy restores bone mass to premenopausal levels. It merely slows down bone loss and the dose necessary to do this is considerably higher than is needed to control other post-menopausal symptoms and from increasing cancer risk.” 17

“A study from the University of Tennessee found that indeed there was a link between estrogen therapy and lowered coronary heart disease-but only in women who already had a history of heart disease. In women with normal coronary vessels, estrogen benefits were insignificant”18
-Archives of Internal Medicine

Time Magazine Covers

Research from the American Cancer Society has conclusively shown that Hormone Replacement Therapy to lead to an increased chance of breast and uterine cancer.
-National Cancer Institute



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