Today marks the 34th Annual National Girls & Women in Sports Day (NGWSD). We recognize this day as a way to inspire girls and women to play and be active, reaching their full potential. By participating in sports, girls and women gain confidence, strength and character. These special qualities equip girls and women to become strong leaders in sports and life.

NGWSD is an annual day of observance recognized by schools, organizations, and teams on the first full week of February. It acknowledges the accomplishments of female athletes and recognizes the influence of sports participation for girls and women.

As they do for boys, athletics plays an important role in girls’ lives. In addition to helping establish a routine for a healthy, involved lifestyle, sports help build confidence, leadership skills and the role of teamwork.

However, it is more than participating in sports. Women who are involved in sports in school are more likely to graduate from college. According to an EY study, women increase their odds of receiving leadership positions when they have a background in athletics.

Finally, it doesn’t matter the sports. At Hruby Chiropractic Wellness, we treat patients from all walks of sports life. From tennis to volleyball, gymnastics to softball. Whatever sports girls choose, health, leadership, and academic benefits develop with each one.

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