Family reunions, firework shows, and friendly fairgrounds are what emerge in American’s thoughts when asked about the Fourth of July. With these celebrations, it is easy to forget the real reason we are celebrating the Fourth of July — the anniversary of our Declaration of Independence.

As most of us know, The Declaration of Independence is the official statement written by Thomas Jefferson declaring the freedom of the thirteen American colonies from Great Britain. At Hruby Chiropractic, we appreciate the sacrifice men and women in our armed forces have made to guarantee the continued celebration of our independence. We realize that it is our veterans who uphold America’s freedom daily. Thanks to them, our families are spending the day eating corn at the country fairgrounds, enjoying barbeques in a friend’s backyard, or marching in parades.

Hurby Chiropractic Tip for the Summer: There is no better time than summer to get outside and exercise. Walking, jogging, and swimming are all useful ways to keep your joints and muscles moving and pliable. Let the celebrations and the weather inspire you to stay active!