It’s Back to School season, and while many parents believe it is the most wonderful time of year, families enter a time of morning routines, carpool pick-ups, and extracurricular activities. Keep your children on the right health track this school year with these tips.

1. Bring back routines. In the week or two leading up to the new school year, shift your children from summer sleep hours to bedtime schedules lining up with the school year.
Reduce playing computer games and watching television. To help the transition, encourage reading or playing quiet games an hour before bedtime.

2. Schedule an annual physical. An annual physical exam will establish your child is healthy before returning to class. Do you have an athlete in your family? Many school districts require a physical for athletes participating in school sports. Many young athletes schedule chiropractic adjustments.

3. Balance the backpack. A backpack with books including a laptop is estimated to weigh about 30 pounds, leading to shoulder, neck, and back strain for young people, affecting their posture. Backpacks should have padding on the shoulder straps that can be loosened and tightened, ensuring a comfortable fit.

4. Power up by eating right. Start incorporating more whole foods and less processed ones into your diet, eating more fruits and vegetables. Eating well means that you are mindful of the food you eat and how it makes you feel. A good idea is to consider nutrition and nutritional evaluation.

5. Reduce Screen Time. Turn off the TV and limit screen time to two hours each day for children two or older. Too much screen time often leads to neck pain. Neck pain comes from stress and tension from prolonged sitting at work, computers, phones, and devices. Using a mobile device often results in poor posture and symptoms of text neck.

As your children head back to school, being mindful of these health tips should help everyone in the family have a happier and healthier year.

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