8 Weeks to Wellness Testimonials

Jim O'Malley

Jim O’Malley

“I have lost a total of 110 pounds since my initial visit to the wellness center.”

BMI 44.1 to 37.2%
Glucose: before 125 / after 95
A1c 6.7 to 5.6

Amy Harvey

Amy Harvey, MD

“Thank you for getting me back on track and for showing me the path to the new and improved me!”

Decreased body fat 2.5%
Lost 3.5″ waist, 3 in hips

Barbara McGarity

Barbara McGarity

“The greatest benefit of 8WW is the wonderful overall feeling I now have about myself and life in general.”

BMI 35.8 to 31.5%
A1c 7.1 to 6.3
Insulin 537 to 2

Alice Murray

Alice Murray

“All my blood work is within normal range. My clothes actually fit. I just simply feel good.”

Lost 17 pounds
Body fat from 39% to 35%
Lost 2.5″ waist / 2.0″ hips