City of Greenfield

city of greenfield

Home to over 36,000 residents, Greenfield is a suburb of Milwaukee, adjacent to Greendale, Wisconsin.  This almost 12-mile expanse supports numerous city and county parks that provide various recreational and sports-related opportunities for kids, families, and active residents.   Established since 1893, the citizens of Greenfield are hard working, dedicated individuals who pride themselves in community-based activities and functions.   Educational facilities, churches, and police and fire departments make up an integral part of this close-knit city.

Within minutes, residents can also enjoy the internationally acclaimed Milwaukee County Zoo or Botanical Gardens, and downtown Milwaukee offers entertainment for those interested in the theater, sports arenas, or other cultural options.

It is with dignity that Dr. Richard Hruby, Jr., has made Greenfield the home to his practice of Chiropractic Wellness.  Catering to physical, bio-medical and emotional needs, patients address whole-body wellness.  Services include decompression, acupuncture, massages, physical training, rehabilitation and nutritional support.  With 19 years of experience, Dr. Hruby looks forward to continuing his work with the good people of Greenfield.  If you haven’t yet stopped in to meet his professional staff, feel free to call and/or make an appointment today!


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