Lunch and Learn Workshops

Presentations to Energize Your Team!

These workshops are known as “Lunch and Learns” because they are done during the lunch hour. We can provide a free lunch when requested and an exact head count is given two days prior.

The three most important components of any healthcare program is education, support and accountability. The quality of your health is completely dependent on the everyday choices you make. With this in mind, Dr. Hruby offer a FREE educational lecture series that will greatly benefit your company, organization or group that you belong to.

Women’s Health

Find out the most up to date research on women’s health. During this workshop learn how to improve the longevity and improve gender specific topics like thyroid problems. Dr. Rick will show you natural ways to avoid hip fractures and osteoporosis, and all natural anti-aging remedies to use in your daily routine. Our gift at this information session will be techniques to help you look and feel younger!


Dr. Rick is known as a headache specialist and enjoys teaching people how they can avoid having terrible headaches in a medicine-free environment instead of trying to cope with the wear and tear they put on your body. Even one headache a month will equate to almost two weeks of your life every year being lived in unnecessary pain. We have the solution to 90% of all headaches! We will decode your headaches, classify them, and show home remedies you can implement right away!


Stress is also know as the “silent killer” and is the number one trigger to heart attack. Heart attacks kill more Americans in the United States than any other disease. Learn how to avoid the initial start to a heart attack and heart disease overall with this all important lecture. In corporate settings we will raffle off a free one hour massage to help with stress and increase employee morale. It creates a fun lunch and some excitement!

Nutrition / Weight Loss and Eating for Maximum Performance

This workshop explains the proper methods of combining appropriate food groups for optimum digestion, maximum energy and also, if sensibly applied, will result in weight loss for those that need to shed some extra pounds. He also uncovers the secrets to fueling your immune system and eating to decrease your risk of cancer! This is a rare lecture in that we will actually show you how NOT to become a patient of any Doctor.

Healthy Living to 100

You can learn how people are living longer and with a better quality of life. During this workshop Dr. Rick will apply the techniques he uses with pro baseball players on improving quality of life and will apply them to the “corporate athlete” like you. Learn how to live without any limits. “Live Like You Mean It!” This is Dr. Rick’s favorite workshop.

Wellness 101

The imporant wellness basics
Sifting through health and wellness information can seem overwhelming. We will break down the importance and basics of chiropractic, nutrition, mind & fitness, making it more manageable for you to implement it in your daily life. This informative workshop will kick-start your wellness journey.

Think Well

How thought and emotions control your life
Our thoughts ultimately control our lives. We will teach you techniques and strategies to help you deal with your stress and the difficult times that invariably find their way into our lives. This valuable lecture will allow you to expand your knowledge to make the best choices for yourself and your family.

Move Well

The importance of exercise and good posture
Today we know from research that movement is essential for good health! It is a must and crucial to living a long and healthy life. We are all aware that we should exercise and have good posture, so why don’t we? The answer is that exercise takes time from our already hectic schedules. This lecture offer insight and guidelines for making exercise, as well as spinal health, a lifelong commitment.

Eat Well

How to eat right for a lifetime
It’s estimated that over 80% of all disease stems from poor nutrition. With obesity rates dramatically increasing it is even more evident we need to address one of the biggest causes, what we eat! You will learn how to properly combine carbohydrates, proteins and fats for optimal digestion and health. We’ll teach you how to read food labels and will present a number of delicous healthy recipes. Nutritional knowledge is essential and an invaluable key to living a healthy life.

Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol without Medication

  • Have the correct Cholesterol tests done
  • Maintain a BMI less than 25 – checks for Metabolic Syndrome
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Exercise
  • Get good quality sleep and reduce your stress
  • Use supplements
  • Have a wellness coach to help guide you
Stress & Anti-Aging
  • Is stress killing you?
  • Wellness wall – where are you?
  • Three types of stress
  • Health impacts of stress
  • How does stress affect our body?
  • What is definition of health?
  • Managing stress solutions
  • Improved quality of life
8 Weeks to Wellness Presentation

Are you fatigued, frustrated, frazzled fat and fed-up with not feeling good? You are not alone! 50% of our fellow Americans will die from preventable diseases. Lifestyle problems need lifestyle solutions. The 8 Weeks to Wellness Workshop will give you a multi-dimensional approach to weight loss, increased energy, strength and flexibility, stress reduction and improved overall health. Learn what you can do to change your health and your life without drugs or surgery. Feel fabulous, fit and full of life with a great future of great health!

Your Wellness Score & Understanding Your Tests

Learn what your wellness score is and how to get a good grade on your health

  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Wait/Hip ratio
  • Blood pressure and resting pulse
  • Sugar biomarkers
  • Lipid biomarkers
  • Medical symptoms questionnaire
  • How to identify if you have metabolic syndrome
  • What is food?
  • Good fat vs. bad fats

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